I am so proud to have been featured on Be Well Rhody's, "Rhody Maker", on International Women's Day!
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a bit about me, the girl behind the idea

Hello! Thanks for showing interest and taking time to learn a bit about my company, Beecher's Botanicals, and me, the girl behind the scenes! 

First of all, I LOVE creating so working towards building my brand has been very joyful for me. This is great for YOU because it means your products are coming from a happy, positive space!

I LOVE throwing on my apron and getting to work - mixing raw organic ingredients to create fresh and effective skincare, soaps and body products for those looking to sustain their green lifestyle! There is nothing more luxurious than a handmade bar of fresh vegan soap and nothing more skin nourishing than a body butter made with raw organic ingredients! 

Since my early teens I've had a love for skincare products and a fascination for the science behind each ingredient. Green beauty IS nature's chemistry, after all! As time passed I became more educated, learning everything I could about the the effects each ingredient has on the body. 

Your skin is your largest organ and everything gets absorbed into your bloodstream once applied to your skin. This is not good for those using junky ingredients, but it is GREAT news IF you are using clean, green beauty - you are FEEDING your skin!

I spent time looking for toxin-free face + body care products. The problem is, you can't REALLY find that in the markets. Even the "natural" products... aren't :( I found a wonderful website called ewg.org and looked up every single item in my bathroom at the time in their product database, which rates all products on a safety scale of 0-10 based on how harmful or safe each ingredient is. I pulled out a black Sharpie and labeled every single one of my products with their corresponding rating on the safety scale. For real. I was eager to become educated on every ingredient I used on my body and the effects each on has on the body.

vegan from my head tomatoes

In my twenties, I became vegan. I was putting all of this thought into the ingredients I used on my skin until suddenly the light bulb went on and I paid more attention to the foods I ate. I began reading extensively all of the books on nutrition I could find.


Reading about the poor condition of the animals at factory farms I realized it was not only unhealthy to consume, but there began my next journey into the heart wrenching world of animal welfare and I stopped purchasing all products that have been tested on animals. This would include most of the brands you find at the drugstore and even a lot of the higher end brands found in department stores. As if clean skincare wasn't already elusive enough!

essential oils

Having become conscious on skincare and food, I was now looking for more! I began exploring the intoxicating aromas and healing properties of essential oils. I purchased a few scents that I loved, and began exploring their topical effects. I put serious time into researching each ones origin, chemical makeup, properties and uses.


With a passion my collection of essential oils grew and grew and I began crafting my own skincare products, utilizing the different essential oils to boost the efficacy of each product I was developing.

the birth of Beecher's Botanicals

It was actually the day of my first wedding anniversary that I woke up with the idea for Beecher's Botanicals. I was so excited! It is something I never knew I had always wanted to do! My husband thought it was a terrific idea and was on board! It is something he always knew that I should do. Natural ingredients and creating clean [and EFFECTIVE] products is my passion! Since then, I've been nourishing and growing my little company - learning and growing myself along the way! I try to squeeze in yoga when I can and try to remember to practice self care. I notice when I take time to stop for a moment, I tend to realign, balance and my creativity begins to flow without being forced. I encourage you to do the same! Take a walk, take a bath and have that glass of wine!