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what are the benefits of grapeseed oil?

Here, we will concentrate on the SKIN benefits of grapeseed oil and answer some common questions often asked by people online.


Pressed from the seeds of grapes, grapeseed oil is light green oil with a thin viscosity that absorbs quickly and feels slightly dry.


GRAPESEED OIL is an extremely LIGHT, fast absorbing oil that is known as a "drying" oil, meaning it acts as an astringent, toning the skin without leaving any oily residue behind.

Contains anti-oxidants, skin-brightening vitamin C, and is high in lineolic acid, an omega-6 essential fatty acid. Due to the astringent properties of grapeseed oil, it regulates your natural oil production and tightens the skin. 

You can find this ingredient in the following products:


does grapeseed oil clog pores?

No! Not only is grapeseed oil noncomedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores, it is toning, meaning it actually cleans out pores! This makes it great for those with oily skin and those with clogged pores and blackheads.

grapeseed oil acne treatment

Because grapeseed oil clears out pores, it is beneficial for those with acne. It is an astringent [dry oil] and is toning [cleans and tightens pores] so it helps clear existing acne and prevent future breakouts by keeping the skin clean and the pores clear!

castor oil vs grapeseed oil

Castor oil and grapeseed oil act similarly in that they are both astringent, tightening and toning the pores. They are both "dry oils" meaning they leave behind no oily residue and a slightly "dry feel" to the skin once absorbed. Castor oil, however, is thicker and more viscous while grapeseed oil is very light and thin.

jojoba oil vs grapeseed oil

Both of these oils are great for oily skin and each have their reasons why. Jojoba oil [actually a wax and not an oil] mimics our skin's own sebum. This means that the skin feels it no longer needs to produce excess oil because it feels it's getting enough through the jojoba oil. It essentially decreases oil production in oily skin. Grapeseed oil acts as an astringent, tightening and toning the pores, great for eliminating blackheads and reducing pore size in oily skin.

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