The number of pores in your underarms allow for the quick absorption of product into your bloodstream. Normal deodorants on the market contain aluminum and propylene glycol, as well as an antiperspirant function to "plug" your pores, preventing your body's ability to release toxins through sweat. Our NATURAL deodorant allows your body to perform its natural function of sweating out toxins and contains ingredients that absorb excess moisture + wetness, keeping you ODOR FREE for a full 24 hours without harmful chemicals!

"Works better than any store-bought deodorant I've ever used! It even works when I run after a long day at work which is just incredible."

"I was introduced to Beecher’s Botanicals at a health fair. I'm so impressed with the quality of this product, no rashes, no smell and lasts all day. As a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, I'll be promoting it to all my clients."

"I LOVE the all-natural deodorant!! After educating myself about what is in store bought antiperspirants and how they cause cancer, I knew I needed to make a switch."

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