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You are entirely the inspiration for what I do. When you order from me, I want you to feel like you are opening a gift to yourself. I want you to be so impressed, that you are a customer for life!


When you send Beecher's Botanicals as a gift, I want you to be proud and confident, and for the recipient to feel pampered and loved!

I appreciate you. Every time you leave a "note to seller" during checkout, every time you like or comment on one of our social media posts, and every time you share your experience with Beecher's Botanical via a review, you motivate me to keep going and I am grateful to you.



Your skin is your largest organ, and what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Synthetic chemicals like phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, and oxybenzone are endocrine disruptors, meaning they interfere with your hormones. Hormones are influential in growth, development, mood, reproduction, and more.


Hormones bind proteins to DNA. We feel your DNA should not be altered or manipulated, therefore, we formulate our products without synthetic chemicals. We source organic, wildcrafted and natural ingredients from the earth.

Nature is our laboratory!

clean + organic



Jessica has an immense love for animals. As a child, she loved doodling pictures of puppies, caring for her pet cat, and talking to her pet goldfish. As she grew, she continued her love and respect for animals. After lots of reading and education on factory farming, she became vegan. To this day, she still does not eat meat.


Jessica remains a strong animal advocate. Not only does she not use products from brands that test on animals, but her brand also does not participate in animal testing. 

Beecher's Botanicals does not use tallow in any of its soaps [you will notice a lot of handmade soaps contain it] or lanolin in any of its moisturizers [an additive in many balms, salves, and creams on the market].

Research and testing - on humans, not animals - ensure that every product delivers real, human results!



The individual choices that we make daily [recycling that pesky junk mail or stopping at the market on the way home from work rather than burning the fuel on an extra trip] add up to an enormous positive protective impact on the earth over time.


We believe that the effects of the choices businesses make are multiplied, and therefore, Beecher's Botanicals strives to make responsible choices. For example, we strive to avoid wasteful plastics at every opportunity in our studio, such as piping product into jars using silicone piping bags rather than disposable single-use plastics, and always using eco-friendly paper packaging materials when packing your order for shipment rather than plastic bubble wrap and plastic shipping tape.


Through our actions, we hope to expand the awareness to others, extending the community of humans who care!

Is this order yours? It's a good one, with some of my favorites! If not, and you're thinki
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