STEP 3: EXFOLIATE [the single most effective way to combat texture, clogged pores, rough patches or a dull complexion - if you do not currently use a scrub, it will be transformative]:

  • PEEL with our Pumpkin Enzyme Peel 1-2x per week to dissolve dead skin cells, clear pores + brighten the complexion. A peel is considered a chemical exfoliation since it dissolves dead skin cells with glycolic acid and fruit enzymes - no scrubbing required. This is actually the most gentle way to exfoliate.
  • SCRUB with our Face Scrub 1-2x per week to eliminate texture + soften the skin. A scrub is considered a physical exfoliation since it removes dead skin cells by physically buffing them away. Gentle pressure is all that is required for great results! We recommend our Organic Face Scrub for sensitive, dry or mature skin, our Turmeric Face Scrub for brightening a dull complexion or calming acne prone skin, and our Coffee Scrub to wake up tired, puffy skin or clear blemished skin. Our Cleansing Grains can be added to your face wash to transform it into an exfoliating skin treatment!

STEP 4: MASK [optional, used to target specific skin concerns, use 1-2x per week]

  • Dry or mature skin types will benefit from our Pomegranate Hibiscus Face Mask, as it hydrates, plumps wrinkles, calms redness and has anti aging properties.
  • Sensitive or combo skin and those with dermatitis will benefit from our Dead Sea Mud Face Mask, as it calms skin conditions, softens, hydrates and balances combo skin.
  • Oily, acne prone or congested skin types will benefit from out Charcoal Face Mask, as it absorbs excess oil, clears blackheads, decongests pores and clarifies the complexion.
  • All skin types will benefit from our Super Greens Face Mask, as it draws out toxins and pollutants from deep within pores.

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