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An everyday facial moisturizer to soften skin, combat redness, hydrate and heal.
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This ultra-moisturizing and skin-softening facial treatment can be used as an everyday facial moisturizer to combat redness, hydrate, and heal.

The critical ingredient in this face cream is MATCHA. Much more potent than regular green tea, matcha gives our face cream its green hue. It contains high levels of chlorophyll, a powerful polyphenol. Unlike traditional green tea, matcha is grown in the shade and fully protected from the sun for a month before harvesting, inhibiting photosynthesis and allowing high amounts of chlorophyll to accumulate in the leaves, which are then hand-picked and stone-ground into a fine, silky powder! The high levels of chlorophyll in matcha act as a potent anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and hyperpigmentation, speed skin cell turnover, and calm blemishes. Matcha is exceptionally high in tannins, astringents that cleanse the skin, decrease excess sebum, and reduce pore size.

The base of this face cream is a luxurious combination of shea butter, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil. These three ingredients together soften, plump, nourish and soothe skin.

  • SHEA BUTTER is perfect for challenging skin issues! It soothes and moisturizes dry patches, helps prevent scars, reduces inflammation, and DEEPLY softens! It contains oleic, palmitic, linolenic, and exceptionally high levels of stearic acids that protect and nourish the skin and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time! It is an excellent butter for keeping skin soft, supple, and even-toned.
  • SWEET ALMOND oil naturally exfoliates the skin. Daily use reduces dark spots and provides a brighter complexion!
  • GRAPESEED oil is an astringent that tones the skin and is high in linoleic acid, making it a great anti-inflammatory.

The essential oil that I have chosen for specifically this blend to support its purpose:

  • HELICHRYSUM is a member of the sunflower family. It is one of, if not THEE most healing essential oils on earth. It has numerous properties that promote healthy skin cell growth and regeneration. Not only does it encourage all-around healing, but it also reduces scars, smooths skin, and tones the complexion.


Only a tiny amount is needed for maximum effectiveness. Grab a small dab from the jar and gently massage it into the skin. It may be used under the eyes as well. Apply a.m. and p.m.

As with any product - if your skin is prone to redness, you will notice an initial flush from the massaging of the product into your skin. This is not due to the product, but instead is a result of the massaging of the skin and will calm as the product is absorbed.


raw unrefined shea butter, cold-pressed almond oil, cold-pressed grapeseed oil, matcha powder, helichrysum essential oil, frankincense essential oil, clary sage essential oil, lavender essential oil, may chang essential oil


Your product comes packaged perfectly in a recyclable clear glass jar sealed with a classic black lid, beautifully wrapped in tissue, and sealed with a Beecher's Botanicals logo sticker.


  • Do not use if allergic to any of these ingredients.
  • Discontinue use if irritation develops.
  • For external use only - do not ingest.
  • Keep out of and away from eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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