STEP 5: TONE Spritzing with a facial mist hydrates skin and preps it for receiving your moisturizer, allowing it to sink in better. We recommend our Rose Water Toner for dry or mature skin types and our Turmeric Toner for oily or blemished skin types. Both are suitable for sensitive or combo skin.

STEP 6: MOISTURIZE [you may choose one of the following, but I am listing in the order you would apply, should you use more than one product as part of your routine].

  • EYE SERUM - caffeinated to tone, brighten and depuff!
  • FACE SERUM - lighter than a cream, our face serums are your treatment and moisturizer in one. We recommend our Nourish Serum to hydrate and brighten dry or mature skin, or Clarify Serum to balance oily or combo skin, our Moon Drops as a calming night oil and our Heal Serum for skin conditions and acne prone skin.
  • EYE CREAM - ultra rich hydration that helps plump + minimize fine lines
  • FACE CREAM - our Matcha Face Cream is a bit lighter than the eye cream, but still very rich for those that require something more than an oil [aka our face serum] or for those that would like a punch of anti-inflammatory hydration while they sleep.

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